How to Surface Mount Solder Using Solder Paste

OIC is only one of the numerous sorts of institutionalized bundles that coordinated circuits, for example, the Attiny85 can come in. The bundle type just demonstrates the parts will appear to be unique and have the chip’s legs available in various styles.

This is a free hand fastening glue system utilizing a Hot Air Soldering Rework Station yet you are very free to make a stencil from OSH Stencils!

Stage 1: What You Will Need

Picture of What You Will Need

1. SMD291SNL ‑ Chip Quik Solder Paste (prescribed to utilize in light of the fact that it comes w/a fine tip syringe)

2. PCB board (I’ll be utilizing Adafruit’s SOIC-8 breakout board)

3. Segments being patched (I’m utilizing the ATtiny85)

4. Fine tip tweezers

5. Sight-seeing Soldering Rework Station/Or a skillet,oven you feel great utilizing for SMD work

Stage 2: Find Something to Hold Down the PCB

Picture of Find Something to Hold Down the PCB

Picture of Find Something to Hold Down the PCB

I’ll be utilizing my preferred tight clamp the PanaVise 350 Multi-Purpose Work Center.

Anyway, utilize whatever works best for you (little tight clamp, tape, wood, clamp and so on)

Stage 3: Dispense Solder Paste Onto the Copper Traces

Squirt a line that spreads over the brilliant cushions (copper cushions)

Try not to stress over getting the weld glue on the blue piece of the PCB (patch cover)

When the board is warmed the binding cover will repulse the patch glue to recoil and solidify onto the copper cushions

Stage 4: Apply Heat to the Board

Picture of Apply Heat to the Board

I utilized a the Hot Air Soldering Rework Station – Quick 957D under low air control at about 370°C

Choices incorporate kitchen: skillets and little broilers simply use with alert and nonstop observing

The bind glue experience changes from fluid – >dusty- – >shrinking till it at last solidifies

Stage 5: Finished!

Picture of Finished!

Here is the completed Attiny85 SOIC 8 stick bundle type fastened into the breakout board

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